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Terms of Use Agreement and site Arif Baba

(1) Introduction
(2) Item Iazavih
(3) Al_husabk and obligations Date
(4) electronic communications
(5) changes to the User Agreement and mechanism of action of this arefbaba.com
(6) the use of market security system for payment
(7) your personal information and operational details
(8) Goods and banned circulation of information through your use of the site
(9) prohibitions when your offer of goods
(10) undertakes to declare and warrant that you
(11) Copyright
(12) Brands
(13) Damage Arif door
(14) Buyer Protection
(15) returned goods
(16) the responsibility of Arif Baba
(17) Confidentiality
(18) set aside User Agreement
(19) bidding and buying
(20) Selling and care at auctions
(21)provide retrospective information
(22) Cancel access and / or organic
(23) does not guarantee
(24) Identification of responsibilities
(25) Security
(26) the relationship and notifications
(27) transfer of rights and obligations
(28) General Information
(29) law and legislation ruling
(30) bail conditions and provisions

(1) Introduction:

Welcome with Arif Baba Souq.com Egypt, as follows the terms and conditions concerning your use and your access to the site pages "Arif Baba" arefbaba.com and all pages and links, tools and properties SACD. Your use of the site Arif Baba Souq.com Egypt is you consent to the acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, which includes all the details below, a confirmation of your commitment to respond to the substance of this special agreement Company Arif Baba Souq.com Egypt F - Z - LL C "arefbaba.com FZ-LLC" and referred to hereinafter as "we" and also referred to as "arefbaba.com", with regard to your use of the site, and hereinafter referred to as the "Usage Agreement" The agreement is valid if you accept the option of approval

(2) to qualify for membership:

1.tmanh membership site Tjazot only to those aged 18 years. And to the right site arefbaba.com Balghaehsab any member has not reached the 18 year commitment with the liquidation of its financial accounts immediately after closure of the account

2.la anyone the right to use the site if its membership of arefbaba.com canceled.

3. In the event that any user to register as a business, the business his institution shall be bound by all terms and conditions contained in this Agreement.

4.enbga you must comply with all applicable laws to regulate trade via the Internet.

5.la any member or institution shall have the right that you open two accounts that the one for whatever reason, and to manage the site the right to freeze accounts or cancel one of them with the obligation to liquidate all financial operations relating to the account before closing it.

6.aly Almstkhaddma individuals and institutions comply with commercial contracts with Members.

7.la any member entitled to buy the site exhibits prohibited or suspicious or stolen or contrary to the applicable ministries and government bodies, local trade enterprises laws, and in case it is proved that he puts himself in the pain of personal responsibility without any responsibility on arefbaba.com

(3) Al_husabk and obligations Date:

Immediately after filing the registration application for membership in the site you are required to disclose specific information and choose a user name and a secret password to be used when entering the site. Upon acceptance of the application for registration would be considered a member of the site and thus, may be approved

1.on be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password information confidential and to identify the persons who are allowed to access and use your site. And agree to be so inform arefbaba.com off any unauthorized use of the word by the logged or account or any other breach of confidentiality of your information.

2.ln arefbaba.com be in any way responsible for any loss that might be incurred by you directly or indirectly as a result of morally or physically detect user name or password logon information

3.ont official to maintain arefbaba.com to use all seriousness and credibility of the site and are considered binding arefbaba.com compensation for any direct or indirect losses may Tlhakaref Pope Souq.com Egypt as a result of the use of any illegal or real or commissioner for your account by you or

Party anyone else got access to your keys, whether the site to accomplish and other services using a user name and password, whether authorized by you or without authorization.

4.ont OK on the disclosure of information is true and correct and up to date and complete information about yourself as requested in the registration form at arefbaba.com "

5.on not included in the registration of any of your contact details as addresses or e-mail your phones or any other personal details, numbers, or the word "market" card.

6.on your store does not include the commercial name the word "market" or motto.

7.altzm arefbaba.com to deal with your personal information and addresses of your contact confidentially with other members and members are provided with your contact information just as soon as the completion of business processes.

8.sov be obliged to maintain and update registration data in turn is true and correct, complete and current to keep them, and if they disclosed untrue or incorrect information Ooger current full Ooger or violation as stated in the user agreement, the right to arefbaba.com

Full stop or limit or cancel your membership and your on-site, without damaging the rights of other legitimate arefbaba.com and means to recover their rights.

9.l arefbaba.com absolute will and at any time to conduct any investigations it deems necessary (directly or through a third party) and prompts you to disclose additional information or documents of any size to prove your identity and / or ownership of financial gadgets.

10.vi case that submitted the application for registration of a commercial enterprise must be provided with all the required information and documents containing business license, other institution and / or documents and documents show the responsibility of any person acting on your behalf.

11.ont OK to provide any information and / or documents for arefbaba.com if asked to do so.

12.vi case of non-compliance with any of the above, the management arefbaba.com right to suspend or cancel your membership and Hjbk for the site. And also we reserve the right to cancel any accounts unconfirmed and unproven or operations or accounts over them for a long time without activity.

(4) electronic communications:

1. You agree that you are communicating via e-mail, or through the promotion of broadcast ads on the site, and you agree that all agreements and declarations and statements and other communications supplied to electronically serve as counterparts started, to meet the legal needs.

2. It will arefbaba.com during the period of your membership by sending e-mails Troyjah to identify you of any changes or new procedures or propaganda activities may be added to the site.

3. You have a right as a user to confirm that you do not wish to receive promotional e-mails, and you can cancel the receipt of such messages, by clicking on the request not to receive promotional messages and are available at the bottom of promotional messages and advertising option.

(5) changes to the User Agreement and mechanism of action of this arefbaba.com:

1.ont acknowledge and agree that the arefbaba.com notify you of any amendment to the User Agreement, and which multiply your obligations or diminish your rights in accordance with any adjustments that might be performed on the Terms of Use

2.ont agree that for arefbaba.com and with absolute validity and without bear legal responsibility to conduct basic or sub-amendments to this agreement without requiring that additional approval by you, and at any time with immediate effect, by broadcast announcement of the amendment on the site.

3. You know that arefbaba.com is not an auction or a bank and does not provide similar services, and arefbaba.com is technically electronically site on the Internet allows the sale and purchase of goods between sellers and buyers registered users.

4.alaazavih free site. And conclude deals arefbaba.com impose fees on vendors sold their wares while on the site, and there are optional advertising fees in case their request and be used to promote goods on the site.

5.aly sellers pay all fees due for arefbaba.com through 30 Soma Bkhadd maximum after the completion of any sale successful

6.aly seller to inform the management of the site in any duly sale is not successful for any reason, the process was, and will arefbaba.com the abolition of the commission calculated on the item.

7.lk right as a seller to cancel or redeem any commissions accounted for or deducted on the operations have not fulfilled

8.qubl your offer for any commodity for sale at the site you review the specific fees will be calculated on the details of your operations and the consequent you repaid immediately upon the issuance of monthly invoices for calculating your transactions on the site,

9.mouka right to make changes to operations fees as it deems appropriate and will be announced any amendment to correspond with you through your e-mail, and amendments may be temporary or persistent, whether the fees or shipping services details and you have to abide by its provisions according to when they are announced.

8.kavh fees are calculated in local currency for the site recorded by the country in which you have to pay all fees due at the site to your operations arefbaba.com plus any taxes or other expenses, and that within 30 days from the date of the invoice sent to him by arefbaba.com, that is payment by the means adopted for that

9.vi if you fail to comply to pay fees or expenses calculated on your operations at the site, the arefbaba.com and without any legal liability reserves the right to:
- Issuing a formal warning you to fail to comply with payment on time

- In case of failure to pay dues in a maximum period of 7 days from the date of issuance of arefbaba.com warning you shall have the right to stop arefbaba.com your account temporarily or permanently.

- Arefbaba.com also reserves the right to take any necessary steps, including legal in the absence of your sight for fees incurred for the benefit done at arefbaba.com

- For accounts payable for more than 30 days, will be truncated unpaid amount from your account value in the electronic "my wallet" portfolio (MyWallet) and do not mind do you have of arefbaba.com duly with the need to let you know via e-mail to complete the checkout process.

- Arefbaba.com reserves the right to take any necessary actions or steps, including but not limited to legal proceedings to collect the fees due and / or the appropriate taxes and expenses.

(6) the use of market security system for payment:

1.aattabr safe payment system in arefbaba.com that the payment for the purchase of goods from the site can be done via the Internet in whole or in part by the properties to pay for a arefbaba.com called my wallet (MyWallet) or cash receipt "COD" or any other party for payment may arefbaba.com provided on the site from time to time.

2.an arefbaba.com to provide service across Mahaftta payment or cash on delivery is a convenience for buyers to complete payment transactions over the Internet is overseen by arefbaba.com while arefbaba.com is not involved in buying and selling on the site.

3.ba buying and selling on the site continuously being made in accordance with the bilateral contracts between the seller and the buyer for a certain commodity, and arefbaba.com is not liable for any process is not completed, and is not responsible for any claim arising from any contract concluded between buyers and sellers.

4.arefbaba.com it is not a responsibility to ensure the credibility of any user. The seller and the buyer took Exercise caution and transactions. And you know and agree that carries you arefbaba.com hazards that may cause your money, God forbid, during your trading and trades on the site.

(7) your personal information and operational details:

> 1. I do not mind you have to give arefbaba.com really unlimited, and global, and permanent and irrevocable, and is exempt from fees, and unauthorized use of information or personal items or otherwise, provided by you to the site and / or announced on the website through the registry, bid, purchase , or during

Process display and sell goods, and through dedicated to continue and registration forms, or through any electronic message or any of the available channels of communication site. The aim of the operation and promotion of the site in accordance with the Convention on the Use privacy policy.

2.ont solely responsible for the information that you have sent or posted and limited role arefbaba.com allow you to display this information on the pages of the site through advertising channels.

(8) Goods and banned circulation of information through your use of the site:

Any user shall not display any commodity does not allow traffickers markets of Saudi Arabia, according to the regulations of the Ministry of Commerce and the Customs Administration and the Interior Ministry of Saudi Arabia and all the concerned ministries such as (but not limited to):

1.alodoah and lotions third parties licensed by the Ministry of Health

2.moad explosive and fiery weapons

3.alehiwanat of live domestic and wild birds and objects or their members

4.sla illegal religious

5.almusharobac spiritual and liquor and alcohol, and tobacco in all its forms, and narcotic drugs

6.albrmj and pirated laser disks and non-native

7.ohrth pornographic video and any related programs Balabahiat

8.moad prohibited legally traded

9.almentjat of animal origin illegal

10.alutaiq and national historical artifacts registered

11.sindat include stock, instruments, customs bonds or any other financial instruments

12.alkhaddmat and public announcements sites or companies

Technical 13.alqtah forbidden exported outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

14.alqta archaeological and artistic treasures as provided for in the laws.

15.oa damaged goods, forged, invalid, or fake it through use can be harmful to users of another site in their interests and their health.

Fresh 16.alogveh and chemicals and gaseous

17.oa goods was announced formally or informally by any governmental entity involved in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for not allowing Asterdha or sell or use, whether before or after the presentation site, and the site of the right not to allow viewing even if the seller's responsibility

(9) prohibitions when your offer of goods:

1.ard goods are still listed for sale with another user

2.ard counterfeit goods registered brands globally or locally

3.ard stolen goods or unknown source or holds an official license sale

4.nscher information or the contents of the news or inappropriate within the accepted customs and traditions

5.but information (according to our assessment) false, fraudulent, misguided, misleading, libelous, defamatory, intimidating or annoying

6.nscher comments, questions or answers are not Hakaiqih in nature, includes not limited to, racist comments, use Altdnasah language,
Assault on another user, insult other cultures or taking any other comments offensive.

7.adraj information or goods that violate intellectual property rights to a third party other property or right of confidentiality.

8.nscher dirty or obscene information, including but not limited to pornographic information and any information (see, in our view) is decent.

9.nscher information (in our view) carry a critic or political opinion content harms the public interest.

10.nscher any information or the contents or the inclusion of goods which are (in our view) translational on culture, religion or local traditions.

11.but information or the contents or the inclusion of goods (in our view) may not be compatible with Islamic law and its provisions, principles and values ​​and ethics laws and traditions.

12.nscher information or the contents or the inclusion of goods (in our view) that may threaten national security.

13.nscher information or the contents or the inclusion of goods (in our view) include or encourage gambling.

14.asthaddam exciting words or indecent while viewing the goods for sale using this type of words in the titles or the names of the products, the aim of drawing attention or guide member of your goods.

15. Prohibited actions during the operations at the site:
- Non-payment of installments you have goods you have bought, unless the seller has changed the specifications of the goods or developments occurred after you bid, or a typographical error occurred and clear.
-Do Not submitting to a commodity purchased the buyer as long as you stick to the stated conditions.
- Try to complete transactions outside the site of the goods offered on-site auction or offered for sale on the site without registration as a process successful regardless of delivery and payment method
- The use of telecommunications resulting from the purchase or sale on the site, for the completion of the sale of other goods directly or indirectly from other sites via email or other means of communication deals operations.
- The prosecution not to sell the goods, at a time that sees arefbaba.com from his point of view that it has successfully User Agreement and according to the provisions of the site.
- Manipulate or attempt to manipulate the site in any way, including any goods or services the prices on the site, whether on your own or with the help of another party or another user
- Shuffle and manipulate the structure of the site fees and billing process, or fees for owned arefbaba.com.
- To do any act that would impair keeping secret information systems and location data, or use or disclosure of any data or information for any reasons or business is Mtalqharef Pope Souq.com Egypt
- Convert your account on the site, user name, to a third party without informing the site manager and consent to this procedure
- Distribute or advertise illegal connections or large-size, or hierarchical chain letters.
- The distribution of any harmful software such as viruses, Trojan horses, time bombs, or any other similar software or technologies that would harm the site, or to the interests and property of the site's users and bears of this work proved all financial compensation and without the slightest moral responsibility to arefbaba.com

16.achtlaq claim on arefbaba.com or causing total or partial loss of services to Internet operators or any other equipped.

17.alkiem any action or have us may have us (in our view) unjustified enormous burdens on our infrastructure and operating policy.

18.altdechl attempt to interfere with or to influence the progress of work at the site.

19.maholh grab another user account or do any scam or users on the site and other areas their own accounts.

20.tsidir or re-export of any tools regarding this site Basttina as provided for in the laws regulating the export of any of the applicable in such affairs legislation.

21.astnsak, modification or distribution of any content in the site or breach the sanctity of copyright or trade marks in any form.

22.anthak any laws, provisions, systems, guidance, third party rights or arefbaba.com decades.

23.aladharararef Pope Souq.com Egypt through the use of shipping services granted by arefbaba.com or Mahaftta or properties or other contracts or terms and conditions of service concerning arefbaba.com, that are brought to the site from time to time and last.

(10) undertakes to declare and warrant that you:

1 amounted to 18-year or more

2-that you have the power to compel the institution "If you are a representative of the Foundation"

3-You are the owner and sole beneficiary exclusive law for all materials of any kind that you want to view it for sale on the site, and that you have proof that you have the right and authority to trade in these materials and presented.

4-you will comply with all local and international laws applicable in this regard, as well as applicable regarding the use of the site conditions.

5. The information and description of goods in order to be published on the site true, accurate, detailed and illustrated the sale.

6-operate within the site concerning the maintenance policy on privacy Contact information and communication, you will not reveal the details of information and addresses to contact you, including phone numbers, postal addresses, e-mail addresses, anywhere in the site, including

Models and Forum and Item or through any e-mail features of the site.

-7 will not use your information that you get through the necessary for the completion of any deal on the site in order to complete the additional sell-off site or communications through another site.

8-will will not collect information about other users, including e-mail addresses and other means of communication.

9-will not reveal or publish any personal information about users, or used in a manner (in our view) that may violate privacy and privacy laws in force.

(11) Copyright:

1.kavh content contained in the Site, including but not limited to the texts, designs graphics, logos, button icons, symbols, audio clips, digital loads, the data collected electronic and software, are the property and rights reserved either for arefbaba.com or its users, and preparers of these Contents and commissioners are protected under copyright Saved rights, trademarks and intellectual and creative property laws.

2.mahtoyat collected on the site are the exclusive property and rights reserved for arefbaba.com, and are protected under the Copyright Saved rights, trademarks and intellectual and creative property laws.

(12): Brands

1.arefbaba.com and logos are owned, and other words and logos on the site, including "My Wallet" and "SafePay" -aldf Security are either registered or unregistered trademarks of arefbaba.com, which protected the rights of ownership and the laws of international brands and other intellectual.